AED Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Invitation Flyer

I hope all is well with everyone. I wanted to invite members of the Mt. Healthy community to the AED Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Mt. Healthy Stadium on 8/19 at 6:30pm.

Mt. Healthy Athletic Trainer Brandy Vinson secured a donation from the Mangine Jr. Foundation to purchase two AEDs for Mt. Healthy facilities. The Mangine Jr. Foundation website is attached here: Mangine Jr. Foundation

The Mangine's story behind this foundation is heart wrenching and I cannot do it justice, but you can read about how the Mangine family lost their son, Matthew Mangine Jr. in an event that could have been prevented had an AED been available on site.

Athletic Trainer Brandy Vinson discussed the ability for these AEDs  to save lives for our athletes and even community members when action is needed immediately. She talked about Mt. Healthy athletes as if they were her own children and although we hope an incident like this never occurs, she is confident that we are prepared in the event that it does.

The celebration will include the following speakers: Mt. Healthy Athletic Director Diana Riemenschneider, Mt. Healthy Athletic Trainer Brandy Vinson, as well as former Mt. Healthy graduate and current Mt. Healthy Firefighter Emily Jeffries.

Please join us in celebration of this wonderful step forward for the safety of our coaches, athletes, students, and community. Feel free to reach out with any questions to Public Relations Coordinator Bryce Blanton at