School Dress Code


Elementary Dress Code

Dress Code Policies for the Jr/Sr High School students in the pdf. 

The below is from the Elementary Dress Code


The Mt. Healthy City Schools Board of Education believes that a neat and orderly appearance is a positive factor for school safety and success. In keeping with that belief, all students enrolled in Mt. Healthy City Schools shall adhere to the following approved dress code.
Shirts Solid white, black or “Mt. Healthy” red shirts. Shirts are to be 2 or 3-button polo style or turtlenecks. Shirts can be long or short sleeved. Shirts must be able to be tucked into bottoms – no exposed midriffs. Logos (or emblems) are permitted on shirts. Logos can be no bigger than the size of one’s fist.
Pants Black, navy or khaki traditional or classic fit pants (flat or pleated front). All bottoms must be secured at the natural waist. Oversized pants are not permitted. No cargo pants or shorts with multiple pockets. No blue jeans or denim pants. Students may choose to wear shorts, skirts, capri, skorts or jumpers. Length of skirts are 3” from knee, length of shorts and skorts 6” from knee. Pants must be worn at the waist. Belts are optional, though highly recommended.
Sweaters/Sweatshirts Solid white, black or “Mt. Healthy” red sweaters (cardigan or crew neck) and sweatshirts. No hoods on sweaters and/or sweatshirts When wearing sweaters or sweatshirts, an approved solid collared shirt must be worn underneath.
 T-shirts/jerseys, sleeveless tops, spaghetti strap tops
 Sweat suits
 Denim tops and bottoms
 Spandex clothing
 Oversized/baggy clothing
 Jewelry and other accessories that include obscene, violent, gang, tobacco, drug/alcohol-related writing or images
 Jewelry and other accessories that belittle others (e.g. race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or physical characteristics)
 Hats, hoods, head coverings, bandanas, sweatbands, and sunglasses
 Slippers, high heels, stiletto heels, skate shoes and flip-flops
 Exposed chains, dog collars, spikes, and other articles judged to be potentially harmful
 Belts not secured at the waist and belts with wording and/or nameplates, oversized buckles
 Any accessory/clothing item, which could, in the judgment of the building administrator, cause injury or disruption of school activities.
 All clothing must be clean and in good repair
 No undergarments may show or have visible logos
 Leg covering, socks, etc. must be solid, uniform colors or natural
 Any button, jewelry, hair accessory, or another accessory, which displays vulgar, lewd, obscene, or plainly offensive language that may lead to substantial interference of school activities, is prohibited. This includes any accessory that advocates the use of alcohol or drugs and any accessory that makes reference to or identifies gangs.
 No hats, jackets, coats worn during the school day
 No backpacks, backpack purses, or fanny packs worn during the school day
 The building administrator may allow modifications to the dress code on specific days (e.g. spirit day, holiday, or other school-wide events).
 Dress Code sweeps may be done anytime during the school year.
 Failure to adhere to the Mt. Healthy uniform dress code will result in a consequence for insubordination as determined by the principal.