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Mt. Healthy City School District consists of seven square miles. Each day our 33 buses and 5 handicapped buses transport 4,113 students to three schools within the district and 14 other parochial/private schools.

Our drivers travel 1,870 miles - that's 340,340 miles in one school year! Also buses are provided for after school activities, 9-Passenger Vans will soon be available for after school transportation.


Safety is the number one goal of Mt. Healthy's Transportation Department. When your children board a school bus, be assured it is by far the safest form of ground transportation. The school bus is the only vehicle on the road designed and manufactured exclusively for rider safety. That, coupled with a fully certified driver, puts a safety plan in place to reduce the risk of possible injury to our student bus riders.


Mt. Healthy transports approximately 3,000 students over nearly 2,000 miles per day. Safety checks are made throughout the school year, as our 40 buses undergo a rigid annual inspection and two spot inspections conducted by the Ohio State Patrol. Every bus in our fleet meets any and all construction standards applicable for Ohio buses. Our fleet of buses is maintained by two full-time mechanics.

Bus Transfers

Mt. Healthy students may receive more than one bus pass due to changes in transportation requested for their particular route. If a family receives more than one bus pass for any student then they should discard the first and use the corrected information on the most recent pass.

  • This will be the first year that some of our students will transfer buses so the process will be new for most of our families. Our plan is for our buses to pick up students from the home stop listed on the bus pass and bring them to the high school where they will transfer to the bus for their assigned school.

  • The transfer will take place in the Red Tower Lot on the Event Entry side of the school. At the end of the day students will be picked up at their school by a transfer bus and will meet with their drop off bus at the same location. Schools with students that will transfer are as follows:

    • Central Baptist

    • Diamond Oaks

    • Lasalle

    • Mercy McAuley

    • Our Lady of Grace

    • Roger Bacon

    • Scarlet Oaks

    • St. John the Baptist

    • St. Vivian

    • St. Xavier


Every one of our 31 full-time school bus drivers and all substitute drivers are subject to rules, regulations and guidelines set forth by the Ohio State Driver Training Program, School District Polices and Departmental Guidelines. Drivers of 9-passenger vans must have taken and passed the ODE online training certification and been approved by transportation safety personnel.


Field Trip Request Forms are must be approved and received by transportation at least two (2) weeks before the trip date. Each student must have a permission slip to ride the Bus/Van for each trip. No stops will be made unless approved by District Designee & Transportation in advance.

Each driver is fully trained and certified as a school bus driver for the state of Ohio. Drivers are recertified every six years. This includes BCI&I back ground checks and FBI finger printed. Every driver is subject to annual drug/alcohol testing and a check of his/her BMV driving history two times annually. This training and check system assures that the District maintains quality personnel behind the wheel of every school bus. Mt. Healthy believes that you can never be too safe when it comes to our children. The District asks that you join our team of professionals to make the educational experience of our bus riders fun and filled with safe travel.


Download a bus request form below:

Field Trip Request Form 2023-2024