Tutor Me Access and Information

Tutor Me screen

How to Access Tutor Me

Students can click the TutorMe icon in Clever to be automatically logged in to their school account. Students should not go directly to TutorMe.com, since this will not log them in and they’ll be unable to access tutoring.

How does my student find a tutor?

Once they’ve logged in, students can click the green button labelled “Connect with a Live Tutor”, then select the subject they’d like help with. High school students can simply type in the subject they’re looking for, like ‘calculus’ or ‘US history’. Elementary and middle school students should begin their search with the words ‘elementary’ or ‘middle school’, to make sure they find a tutor for their grade level.

Once they’ve selected the subject, students can add more details about what they’d like help with - for example, “I need help with my English homework” or “I don’t understand the Pythagorean Theorem”.

More information on Tutor Me

Video on how to log-in and access a tutor