Title: Public Relations

Purpose and Information

The Public Relations and Community Support Office is dedicated to fulfilling the district's mission of effectively communicating the positive news and achievements of our students, staff, and district to the board members, school community, and the wider community. Our office uses a variety of communication channels to reach our target audience and ensure that everyone stays informed and engaged.

To communicate with our students, staff, families, and stakeholders, we utilize our district's website, the Mt. Healthy app, and a variety of social media platforms. We also utilize the Thrillshare parent notification system and PeachJar, an online flyer distribution platform, to share important information and updates with our community. Additionally, we utilize a district-wide calendar that is connected to our website, as well as community and local media outlets, district mailers, and letters to keep everyone informed.





Public Relations & Community Support Liaison

Bryce Blanton



Guidelines for External Organizations Flyer Policy

With regards to external organizations, we have established guidelines for distributing flyers through PeachJar. The guidelines ensure that all flyers distributed through this platform align with the district's goals and values, and provide accurate and relevant information to our community. By following these guidelines, we strive to maintain a high level of transparency and trust with our stakeholders, and to continue promoting effective communication throughout the district.


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