Magnifying Glass Over Digital ID Fingerprint from Piqsels

Students at Mt. Healthy High School were able to put their learning to the test during their Forensics classes.  On March 4th, Ms. Rowe's 4th and 5th bell students (11th and 12th grade) were given a crime to solve.  The students were given three blood samples from the crime scene in order to find the guilty suspect.  Students had to conduct forensics tests to determine the blood type for all three samples (A, B, AB, or O) and determine if the samples were positive or negative using the Rh factor.  Students had to test the blood of the victim, blood found on the weapon, and blood found at the crime scene.  Using what they learned in their Forensics classes, the students were able to narrow down a guilty suspect!  Ms. Rowe, the teacher of the newly added course, shared that students really enjoy the Forensics course and she loves teaching the class. 

Crime scene

Young forensics experts at work