Mt. Healthy South Elementary Principals and Staff provide restorative circles with sixth grade students to offer them an outlet for their emotions and ways of talking through their conflicts. The school’s social worker, Ms. Smith, and the school counselor, Ms. Morelli, assist the students in voicing their concerns and talking through some difficult relational situations where the students struggled to appropriately express their feelings. Restorative circles offer students the opportunity to discuss situations, openly express themselves in a safe space, and respond appropriately with adults present.  During restorative circles, students sit in a small circle called a fishbowl and then surrounded by the rest of the classroom in a larger circle. Students in the fishbowl are given the opportunity to discuss situations where they have been frustrated, angry, hurt emotionally based on the actions of other students. The goal is to reduce the frustration a student may experience that can lead to physical confrontations. The restorative circles will continue to take place in the classrooms with teachers and other staff. In addition, staff members will assist students with peer mediation a couple of times a week based on the need. By adding restorative circles to classrooms and providing some peer mediation opportunities, students are able to better cope with their feelings and safely express themselves.  "This forum provides a way to review expectations, share frustrations, and problem solve with students in a manner that is grounded in relationships,” stated Christine Smith, South Elementary Social Worker.