Kindergarten students entering the new Early Learning Center for the first day

Little ones stepping off the buses and walking toward their newly built school building. Teachers and staff helping students out of their cars at morning drop off. These were the scenes at the new Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center on the crisp, October Monday morning. When walking toward the front doors, one notices the design in the shape of the district Owl logo. The building offers a welcoming environment for young learners as well as one designed for the littlest Owls. 

In addition to district staff, ELC teachers and staff welcomed the kindergartners and preschoolers as they walked up the sidewalk and through the front doors. This moment is two years in the making while awaiting for the building's completion and opening to Mt. Healthy students and staff. “The ELC teachers and staff have put in an unbelievable amount of effort to prepare and make this a positive experience for our students.” Kindergarten Teacher Kathryn Thomas declared. “It’s been exciting to finally see all of our hard work come together, and for students to finally be here!”  Assistant Principal Karen Powers stated “This is a dream come true for our students, families, and staff. We are so pleased to be in our new building and now ready to make a greater impact on the lives of all who walk through our doors!”. 

A Preschooler responded about walking into the new building, “I was so excited!” When asked what they thought of the new building and their new classrooms, one kindergartner responded, “I love our room, and we can see all our friends in the other room.” Another student said,”I think this whole school is cool.” When asked what their favorite area of the new school is, many responded that the playroom or big muscle room is the “most fun!” While the building has some minor cosmetic adjustments to still add, the students think it’s the best place to be.