Frost staff

Today, a group of our dedicated teachers and staff, who once taught at Frost Elementary School, gathered for a memorable group picture. The artwork they are holding in this picture was created by Robert Palmer, a former Frost student and the talented son of Mt. Healthy’s own Karen Marshall.

Robert's artistic skills captured the essence of Frost Elementary, reminding us of the cherished memories and experiences shared within its walls. We are incredibly grateful to him for his remarkable talent and for bringing our beloved school to life through his art.

In the background of the picture, you'll notice a tall plant on the right side. This plant holds a special significance as it was brought from Frost and now resides at North Elementary, symbolizing the connection and continuity between the two schools within the Mt. Healthy City Schools District.

Frost Elementary School holds a special place in our hearts. It opened its doors in 1965 and served as a beacon of knowledge, growth, and community until its closure in 2010. We hold dear the memories and the legacy that Frost has left behind. This picture is a tribute to the remarkable educators and staff who dedicated their time and passion to shaping the lives of students.

Let us take a moment to celebrate this heartwarming reunion of Frost teachers and staff, the artistic talent of Robert Palmer, and the enduring spirit of Frost Elementary School. Together, we honor the past, appreciate the present, and eagerly anticipate the bright future ahead for our Mt. Healthy City Schools community.