photos of chicks

Hey, Mt. Healthy community! We've got some adorable news to share about the chicks in Teacher Julie Wakefield's class.

We're thrilled to see how these little fluffballs have grown and developed over the past few weeks. They've gone from tiny, fuzzy hatchlings to mostly feathered birds, and they're showing off their new flying skills by reaching the top of the brooder!

Our feathered friends have also been enjoying some outdoor time during recess, exploring the grassy areas and stretching their wings. It's been wonderful to see them embrace the great outdoors and experience a taste of life outside their pens.

The students have been over the moon with excitement! They've been taking turns petting the chicks, learning how to care for them, and even helping to bring them in and out for recess. It's been a fantastic hands-on learning experience for everyone involved.

As we look ahead, we have a bittersweet update. Next week, three of our lovely chicks will be returning to Tikkun Farm, where they'll continue to thrive and bring joy to others. Additionally, three lucky chicks will be joining our teacher's flock at her home, where they'll find a forever family and a coop to call their own. 

We're grateful to have witnessed this incredible journey with our students, and we can't thank you enough for your support. Stay tuned for more updates on our students' feathered friends and the amazing adventures they embark upon.