Payroll Forms

Please see below for forms related to payroll information.

 Absentee Form - fill out this form once you return from your absence and give to your supervisor to be signed.

 Change of Address - for address, name, and marital status changes.

 City Tax Form - whenever your residence changes - different cities have different tax rates.

 Direct Deposit - to setup or change the bank account in which your check is automatically deposited. Please fill out the EMAIL section at the bottom of the form to receive electronic pay notices.

Emergency Personal Leave - fill out when personal leave is requested with less than a 48 hour advance written notice.

 Federal Tax - to change your Federal tax withholding. 

 Ohio State Tax - to change your Federal tax withholding.

Personal Leave Notification - fill out when personal leave is requested at least 48 hours in advance of the day(s) needed for personal leave.

Timesheet - fill out for additional work beyond the contract.  Fill out by pay period (1st through the 15th and 16th thought the 31st of the month).

In addition, see the 'Creating a Digital Signature' document in order to create your OWN digital signature to sign forms ELECTRONICALLY!