Links to Resources for Parents of Early Childhood


Here are some resources that may help you and your child on their journey to success. 

Progress Book 

Learning Resources for Early Childhood

Family Resources for Preschool Parents

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) 

Mt. Healthy Elementary Schools support PBIS through a building wide focus. We develop positive student behavior through instruction, incentives, and regular practice. 

The Elementary Schools the school-wide behavioral expectations are as follows:

I am Safe…       

I am Kind…

I am Responsible…

During school, MTHCS elementary students are taught our school-wide expectations for all areas of the school. The classroom, restroom, cafeteria, hallways, bus, computer lab, media center, playground and at assemblies are all settings where students are taught to act in a safe, kind and responsible way. Through direct instruction students are taught what “it looks and sounds like” to be safe, kind and responsible at school

 Parents, You Can Support MTHCS PBIS and your child’s positive behavior be doing the following:

Review the school wide expectations with your child.

Be sure your child is ready for school after a good night’s sleep.

Ask your child about her school day each day.

Stay in touch with your child’s teacher.

Encourage your child to use appropriate language and tone with everyone.

Practice positive phrases, such as, “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” “Please,” and “I’m sorry.”

Be a visible part of your child’s school day.

Attend school meetings and other activities as your schedule allows.

See your students’ building principal about specific PBIS school activities.