equity and inclusion


feels like

Educational Equity and Inclusion Feels Like:

I am valued for my strengths and contributions

I am respected for who I am

My voice is heard and appreciated

I feel cared about and I care about others

I see myself represented in curriculum

I feel comfortable and welcomed at school

I am academically confident and challenged

I am empowered to achieve my goals, dreams and full potential

I see my place and responsibility in creating a more just society

what it looks like

Educational Equity and Inclusion Looks Like:

Authentic relationships with and among students, staff and families

Diverse staff and student population 

Culturally responsive pedagogy

High expectations for all students

Representative enrollment in advanced courses

Reflective and adaptive curriculum

Welcoming and safe school environments a vision of share ownership “students are ours”

All students meeting grade level and graduation expectations

System-wide outcomes that contribute to a more just world.