Chris Simmons Sr., Diyral Briggs, and Scott Smith

The Hall of Fame Banquet held on November 18th, was a reminder to the outstanding accomplishments of three remarkable alumni who have left an incredible mark on Mt. Healthy Athletics.

Chris Simmons Sr., Diyral Briggs, and Scott Smith were inducted into the Mt. Healthy Athletic Hall of Fame, honoring their exceptional athletic careers during their time in the school district and their continued success after graduation. From dominating the basketball court and track to achieving football and baseball stardom at the collegiate level, these individuals exemplify the spirit of excellence that makes Mt. Healthy proud of our history and traditions.

Chris Simmons Sr., a basketball and track athlete, not only excelled during his time at Mt. Healthy but also returned as a coach, mentor, and resource officer. Diyral Briggs, a standout in both basketball and football, carried his success to Bowling Green State University and later became a Super Bowl Champion. Scott Smith, a dominant pitcher for our baseball team, set numerous records and showcased exceptional leadership, making a lasting impact on his teammates.

The induction ceremony was a celebration but it was also a heartwarming reunion, reuniting these exceptional athletes with their coaches and others from their time at Mt. Healthy. Attendees were not just witnesses to an evening of accolades and achievements but were transported back in time, seeing the living pillars of our athletic tradition and legacy.

The achievements of Chris Simmons Sr., Diyral Briggs, and Scott Smith were showcased throughout the night. These athletes etched their names in the annals of Mt. Healthy history. Yet, what made the evening even more poignant was the display of enduring relationships. Beyond the fading memories of victories and defeats, the strength of the bonds these athletes share with their coaches, families, loved ones, and staff members still resonates to this day.

Athletics at Mt. Healthy is more than the individual athlete; it's about the family forged during the journey. The camaraderie, support, and experiences create lifelong relationships.

The Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet not only pays tribute to the past but also underscores the strength of the ties that bind our athletes, coaches, and supporters, past and present.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this event a success and to our outstanding alumni! Thank you to Mt. Healthy Athletic Department’s Angela Cross and Terell Davis for their continued support and effort.