Danielle Carter and Family

We wanted to share the wonderful success of our Marching Band Awards and Concert Ceremony held this past Tuesday at Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr High School. The event was highlighted the exceptional talents of our students and the strong sense of community that binds us together.

Under the direction of Band Director, Mr. Jason McElroy, the Marching Band put on an unforgettable performance. It was a joyous occasion where family, friends, loved ones, and staff came together to celebrate the musical accomplishments of our students.

Throughout the evening, Mr. McElroy took a moment between each musical piece to recognize outstanding students and present well-deserved awards. It was heartening to witness the spotlight on these talented individuals who have worked to make our Marching Band a source of pride for our community.

The camaraderie and enthusiasm in the room reflected the strong sense of community we have here at Mt. Healthy City Schools. The Marching Band Awards and Concert Ceremony was not only a celebration of musical achievements but also a recognition of the hard work, dedication, and teamwork that our students and staff invest in making our Marching Band exceptional.

To sweeten the celebration, everyone enjoyed cookies and juice, providing a perfect opportunity for further connection and enjoyment. For those who couldn't attend, we're excited to share pictures from the event below!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this event, from our talented students to the dedicated staff who support and nurture their musical endeavors.