Jeremiah Kelley

Congratulations to senior Jeremiah Kelley, the winner of the first annual Mt. Healthy Jr. and Sr. High School Chess Tournament! Jeremiah emerged victorious in a thrilling competition that showcased the exceptional talent and strategic thinking of our students. The tournament, sponsored by the Mt. Healthy Chess Club in its second year, was organized flawlessly by the dedicated advisors, Mr. Bartlett and Ms. C. Wilson. We extend our gratitude to them for their hard work and commitment.

The matches were intense, and all participants displayed remarkable skill and an impressive grasp of chess strategy throughout the event. Each move was carefully calculated, making it a true test of wit and mental agility. As the tournament winner, Jeremiah has not only earned the admiration of his fellow competitors but also received a well-deserved certificate to commemorate his victory. In addition, he was granted prizes valued up to a certain amount of his choosing. Way to go, Jeremiah!

We are incredibly proud of all the students who participated and demonstrated their passion for chess. This event has further solidified our commitment to fostering a love for chess and encouraging friendly competition among our students.

Join us in congratulating Jeremiah Kelley once again for his outstanding achievement and wishing him continued success in his chess journey!