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The 5 Star rated Mt. Healthy City School Preschool Program at both elementary schools provides experiences where children interact with materials that enrich their cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. The curriculum provides hands-on experiences and a feeling of success among all children.

In 2017, MTHCS Preschools were evaluated and given a 5 Star rating by Step Up to Quality through Ohio Department of Education. Our program stresses a developmentally appropriate based curriculum and parental involvement. Instruction reflects the needs of the individual child. Classroom centers are carefully planned for small group, large group and independent exploration throughout the session.

The class routine allows for flexibility that is required when young children's interests or needs indicate more urgent priorities. Our classes reflect a diverse group of children, some of whom have disabilities.

The program has three Monday through Thursday half-day sessions. 
To place your child on the Preschool wait list, please complete the information in the following link: Preschool Link.  If you need assistance, contact Jayne Sayers-Goedde, ELC Dean of Students, at

Parents will need to complete a registration packet. Tuition is $40 per month. Checks can be made payable to the Mt. Healthy City School District. Transportation is provided for special needs children only. 

Preschool Parent Handbook:

Please click on the file below to download the Preschool Parent Handbook. This handbook is full of useful information for you to help make the entry in the academic world the best it can be for your preschooler.

Preschool Team Members

Jayne Sayers-Goedde, ELC Dean of Students

Deb Miller, Preschool Psychologist

Anita Birch, Enrollment Specialist

Susan Yeh, Preschool Teacher 

Natalie Yan, Preschool Teacher 

Courtney Lantz, Preschool Teacher 

Vanessa Benson-teacher,

LaTonya Booker-teacher,

Annie Franklin - Paraprofessional

Teressa Dailey - Paraprofessional

Michelle Haake - Paraprofessional

Dominique Harris - Paraprofessional

Maggie Hoskins - Paraprofessional

Lori Moore - Paraprofessional

Tammy Lindsey - Paraprofessional

Christie Miller -Paraprofessional

Sue Williams, Physical Therapist

Amy Whetstone - Occupational Therapist

Amy Burns, Speech-Language Pathologist