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Attendance Information for Parents

Parents/Guardians: Below are the instructions and information for reporting attendance at each building.

Reporting Attendance

  • When reporting attendance, please clearly state your child(ren)’s name(s), grade level(s), teacher names, and reason for absence. We must have a reason, otherwise, it won’t be excused.

  • Clearly state the name of the person reporting the absence.

  • “Be great and miss less than 8” - we strongly encourage students to attend school everyday and not miss more than 8 days throughout the entire school year.

Mt. Healthy Early Learning Center - 513-742-6022 attendance line; Attendance email: elcattendance@mthcs.org

Mt. Healthy North Elementary School - 513-742-6012 attendance line; Attendance email: northattendance@mthcs.org

Mt. Healthy South Elementary School- 513-742-6016 attendance line; Attendance email: southattendance@mthcs.org

Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr High School - 513-728-7649 attendance line; Attendance email: owlsattendance@mthcs.org