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46 Years of Literacy and Love: Su Bowling’s Journey at Mt. Healthy  After an extraordinary 46-year career with the Mt. Healthy City School District, Su Bowling, the beloved Library Media Specialist, is retiring. Su’s journey began in the 1977-1978 school year, and her impact on students and the community has been profound. Cherished Memories and Lasting Connections When asked about her favorite memory at Mt. Healthy, Su shared a heartwarming reflection: "My favorite memories continue when I see former students when I'm out in the community and they recognize me as 'their' librarian." These encounters, filled with positive energy and nostalgia, are a testament to the meaningful connections Su has fostered over the years. A Lifelong Passion for Education Su’s journey in education began with a childhood dream: "I always wanted to be a teacher and later in college discovered my love of libraries." This passion for connecting books with children and engaging with like-minded adults fueled her long and dedicated career. "Passing on the love of learning and reading" became her mission, one she fulfilled with unwavering enthusiasm. A Grateful Heart for Mt. Healthy Expressing her gratitude, Su said, "Thank you for the years in Mt. Healthy. I know that our students deserve the opportunity to be successful." She praised the supportive community and caring staff, highlighting the strong bonds she has formed within the district. Her appreciation for the Mt. Healthy community is evident in her heartfelt words. Looking Forward: Plans for Retirement Though retiring, Su's passion for libraries remains strong. "I would like to continue to work in libraries, perhaps the public library or another part-time job as a school library media specialist," she shared. She humorously added that working in a bookstore might be challenging since she would likely spend her entire paycheck on books to add to her ever-growing "TBR" (to be read) stacks. The Unmeasurable Importance of Reading In her closing thoughts, Su emphasized the immeasurable value of reading: "When you read, you explore worlds you might not ever visit but you truly will discover treasures." She highlighted the transformative power of books in understanding diverse perspectives and answering life's questions. Su also reflected on her personal journey, being the first in her family to attend college, and the unwavering support from her husband and children—all avid readers themselves. A Lasting Legacy As Su Bowling transitions to retirement, her legacy as a passionate educator and librarian will continue to inspire. Her final words resonate deeply: "I encourage you to read what you want, when you want and take that knowledge forward in your life. I will always be a Mt. Healthy Owl!" The Mt. Healthy community is grateful for her decades of dedication and wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.
A Farewell to Bob Buchheim: Celebrating 35 Years of Educational Excellence  As the school year draws to a close, the Mt. Healthy School District and community bids farewell to Bob Buchheim, a respected and beloved administrator at South Elementary School. After six impactful years at Mt. Healthy and an illustrious 35-year career in education, Mr. Buchheim is retiring—but not slowing down.  A Memorable Journey at Mt. Healthy Reflecting on his tenure, Mr. Buchheim’s favorite memory stands out vividly: "Field Day at South Elementary School." This event encapsulates the spirit of community and joy that has been a hallmark of his time at Mt. Healthy. It’s moments like these that have made his years in education deeply rewarding.  A Lifelong Commitment to Service When asked about his motivation to remain in education for over three decades, Mr. Buchheim’s answer was both simple and profound: "I gain fulfillment from serving others. You would be hard-pressed to find a better way to serve than in education." His passion for service has been the driving force behind his career, inspiring both his colleagues and students.   A Heartfelt Message to the Community Mr. Buchheim’s message to the Mt. Healthy community is highlights his gratitude and humility. "Every moment (the good, the bad, and the inspirational) has shaped who I am. I was blessed to serve the students, staff, and families of Mt. Healthy." His words reflect a deep appreciation for the experiences and relationships that have defined his career . Looking Ahead: A New Chapter Begins Though retiring from Mt. Healthy, Mr. Buchheim isn’t stepping away from education. "I will be retiring at the end of June and starting a new journey in life as the principal of St. Vivian. I still have quite a bit in my tank," he shared.  A Legacy of Excellence In his parting words, Mr. Buchheim emphasized the core of his educational philosophy: "Our students, staff, and families deserve nothing but our best every day and in every way. Anything that doesn't serve that purpose is wasted effort." These words serve as a powerful reminder of the high standards he has brought to his work.  As Mt. Healthy says goodbye to Mr. Buchheim, his legacy of service, commitment, and excellence will undoubtedly continue to inspire. His new community at St. Vivian is fortunate to welcome such a dedicated and passionate leader.
Mt. Healthy Football Showcase Yields Scholarships and Opportunities  The Mt. Healthy High School Football College Showcase held on May 16th, 2024 held up to the hype. This event brought together 76 colleges, all eager to scout and recruit our football players.  Our athletes demonstrated talent and determination, impressing scouts and coaches with their performance. Highlighting this event's success, 10 of our outstanding young men earned 13 full scholarships! Moreover, we had an unexpected but delightful surprise: our assistant/manager received a scholarship offer to join a college’s athletic training staff, recognizing their exceptional hospitality and hard work during the showcase.  We are also proud to report that of our 25 seniors on the football team, 14 now hold Division I or Division II scholarship offers following this event. This achievement reflects not only their talent but also the strong support and guidance provided by the coaching staff.  This event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Coach Jordan Stevens. His commitment and work ethic in organizing the showcase ensured our student-athletes were given the opportunity to highlight their talent.  Thank you to everyone in the Mt. Healthy community for your continued support of our students and athletic programs. Together, we are making significant strides in providing our young men with opportunities to excel and pursue their dreams.
Sustainable Designs Earn Mt. Healthy Students Ribbons and Recognition  On Saturday, May 18th, 2024, the students of Mt. Healthy showcased their creativity and hard work at the Design Lab Exhibit and Gallery Walk held at Newport on the Levy. This event featured impressive designs presented by our students to professionals, families, and peers. The entire project was at no cost to the district!  The project began in February, when staff members Jane Haffner and Robin Nguyen took it upon themselves to collect recycled materials from the Design Lab recycling center during a school holiday. They engaged students in lessons on sustainability, planning, and architectural concepts. They also coordinated with architect volunteers, Zohet visited North Elementary and Wendy visited South Elementary—providing advice and guidance.  We are incredibly proud of our students for their creativity, ingenuity, and bravery in presenting their projects. Special recognition goes to the following students who attended and received ribbons for delivering at least three presentations:  North: 6th Grade: "Yummy Comfort Quad" Aly and Kenya presented at least three times and each earned a ribbon! (Christine & Madison also contributed to this project.) 2nd/3rd Grade: "Leafy Lane" Otis presented at least three times and earned a ribbon! (Yosie, Justin, Ezra, Ford, and Walter also worked on this project.)  South: 5th Grade: "Enchanted Hawaii Seafood" Brooks presented at least three times and earned a ribbon! (Quincy, Taylor, and Laila also contributed to this project.) 3rd/4th Grade: "Mr. Styro's Water Park, Party Cannon and Greenhouse" Kahli presented at least three times and earned a ribbon! (Calvin, Myles, and Braedon also worked on this project.)
Mt. Healthy City Schools Honors Olliea Sanders as Substitute of the Year Mt. Healthy City Schools is proud to announce that Olliea Sanders has been recognized as the Substitute of the Year by Sub Solutions/HCESC. Olliea Sanders has been an asset to our district, covering multiple maternity leaves throughout the school year. Her adaptability and commitment to excellence have made a significant impact on both students and staff. As part of the recognition, Olliea received a certificate and a special lapel pin shaped like a cape, symbolizing her heroic efforts. Her achievement was celebrated at the Open House events hosted by Sub Solutions. Thank you to Olliea Sanders for this well-deserved honor and for her outstanding service to Mt. Healthy City Schools.
A Page-Turning Farewell: Mt. Healthy City Schools’ Library Gift As the sun sets on this school year, the library team prepared to bid farewell to students with the annual book giveaway!  The days have passed, and students are now happily diving into worlds unknown, solving mysteries, and befriending unforgettable characters – all within the pages of a book. P.S. Check out our shared pictures featuring snapshots of students happily diving into their new books.
What is better than elementary students enjoying ice cream on a hot day? Our South Elementary students had the opportunity to visit the Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar last week and we wanted to share the moment with you!  Although some ice cream was spilled, there were still smiles and laughing all around. Thank you to the staff for making memories that the students won't soon forget.
A Morning of Achievement: Top 25 Senior Breakfast Celebration Mt. Healthy City School District proudly hosted the Top 25 Senior Breakfast this morning at the Jr/Sr High School Banquet Center, honoring the outstanding academic achievements of the top 25 ranked students in the class of 2024. The event was attended by students, their families, friends, faculty members, and guests. The morning began with a breakfast prepared by our culinary staff and students, featuring an array of treats including bacon, eggs, pastries, and beverages. As a special token of appreciation, each student was presented with a complimentary gift from GEAR UP, a program dedicated to helping students prepare and succeed in post-secondary education. Principal Amy Criswell delivered inspiring words of encouragement and wisdom to the attendees, highlighting the passion and commitment demonstrated by the students throughout their academic journey. Senior Counselor Michael O'Toole then took the stage to individually recognize and present certificates to each of the top 25 students, acknowledging their academic accomplishments and contributions to the school community.
 MTHCS Students and Families we are excited to announce an exciting summer opportunity for all students 7-12 this summer. Students have the opportunity to choose their own adventure during the month of June!  This program is for Credit Recovery, Original Credit, JH enrichment and just plain FUN everyday. See below for the details!  Adventure #WORTHY- you are worthy of a fun filled summer - come spend it with us!  All students register using the QR code and commit to attend programming June 3-27, 8:00-12:00pm each day.  Transportation provided  Breakfast and lunch provided  Each student will receive a box of non-perishable items each week for themselves and each sibling to take home.  Extended programming for Friday Field Trips is available for students  There truly is something for everyone! Please reach out if you have questions or need assistance completing registration. It is going to be a really great summer!
Imaginations Run Wild: Chalk Drawing Contest  Today we celebrated creativity and talent as our Chalk Drawing Contest unfolded. With 59 artists and 5 student helpers, the front parking lot of our Jr/Sr High School turned into a canvas of dreams and fantasies inspired by the theme, "Imagination Unleashed."  Thank you to our staff volunteers, as well as to the duo of Mrs. Glenn and Mrs. Litkenhaus, who organized and coordinated an event that allowed for students to have fun and enjoy working on a project together! The day kicked off early at 8 am, with artists armed with buckets of chalk and a pre approved draft of the art they would be creating.  As the event came to a close, the parking lot was filled with a tapestry of scenes and unique pieces of art. The diversity of styles and themes showcased the unique perspectives of each team. What's more, every participant earned a Fine Arts graduation seal and the chance for a cash prize for those whose creations captured the eyes of our judges.  This year's theme, "Imagination Unleashed," brought out the best in our artists and encouraged them to push themselves to explore different artistic themes.  Once again, a big round of applause to all our participants, helpers, and organizers for making this Chalk Drawing Contest a day to remember.
5th & 6th Grade Girls Take the Lead in STEM Learning at University of Cincinnati  MTHCS 5th and 6th grade girls proudly participated in Girls in STEM Day at the University of Cincinnati, encouraging their interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Hosted by UC and sponsored by Turner Construction, P&G, Pilot Chemical Company, and the Greater STEM Collaborative, the event welcomed 30 enthusiastic 5th and 6th grade girls from North and South Elementary.  Accompanied by staff members  Ms. Tubbs and Mrs. Haffner, our students engaged in a range of interactive sessions designed to inspire and educate. These included:  Bath Bomb Creation: With guidance from P&G volunteers, students had a hands-on experience in crafting bath bombs, sparking their curiosity in chemistry and product design. Building a Wall Project: Turner Construction engineers led a session where students learned about the intricacies of construction, from insulation to wiring, plumbing, and aesthetics. IT Wire Circuit Workshop: UC’s IT program facilitated a workshop where students created an Information Technology wire circuit. This program also offers opportunities for high school students to earn certifications and college credits while still in high school, thanks to Mr. White’s teaching.  Through these experiences, our young learners gained valuable insights into various STEM disciplines, encouraging their passion and interest in pursuing future careers in these fields. Thank you to UC, staff volunteers, and all sponsors for making this event possible.
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There is a hero behind every meal served at Mt. Healthy City Schools.  A BIG THANK YOU TO OUR SCHOOL LUNCH HEROES!  We want to recognize and express our gratitude to the hardworking lunch heroes in the school district. #SLHD24  Our students have a meal every day because of your work from the preparation to the time it ends up on a student’s tray. Thank you for ensuring that all our students have access to nutritious food.  We recognize the effort and care you put into your work, and we couldn't do what we do without you. You are our everyday heroes!
Recap of Family STEM Night - A Night of Learning and Fun!