Objective 2 (PBIS) at Mt. Healthy High School

How We Support Our Stakeholders...

  • Support the execution and implementation of District-wide initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, positive school culture, climate, and desired outcomes such as Restorative Practice, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), and Culturally Responsive Practices.

  • Provide formative coaching and differentiated support in traditional settings for all school stakeholders.

  • Serve on the School-based PBIS leadership team. Assist in establishing systems and structures and implementing the process.

  • Provide formative support and coaching to new teachers and other teachers identified by principals and assistant superintendents within the school or network.

  • Facilitate site-based professional learning opportunities focused on improving culture and climate (i.e., PBIS, Relationship Building, Classroom Management, SEL, Restorative Practice, to name a few)

  • Assist in implementing strategies in the School Improvement Plan.

  • Collaboratively plan and co-facilitate district-wide professional development on a wide variety of topics related to school culture and climate.

  • Support School-based PBIS team in data collection, analysis, and action planning.

  • Provide resources, materials, and guidance around best practices to support a positive learning environment.

Class Dojo

What is Class DOJO? 

Watch this video to see!

What is Class DOJO in the MHVS? 

Students are awarded DOJO points when they exhibit behaviors that are vital to their success. Students can then use those points to "purchase" incentives and prizes that are rewarding to them.