Superintendent Message

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Mt. Healthy City School District,
Welcome to the 20/21 school year.  This school year will be different than anything we’ve ever done before, but our teachers and staff are ready. The decision to start the school year remotely due to the COVID-19 was not made lightly.  I recognize there are many questions without immediate answers.  There are still many unknowns about COVID-19 and its effects. The Mt. Healthy City School Board of Education, myself, and all of our staff want to be with our students in-person as soon as it is safe.  At this time, we feel remote learning is the safest option for our staff and students. 
Our theme of “growing together” will be evidenced in three key areas:  responsiveness, instructional practices, and equitable practices. 
We will be responsive to teach students, parents, and our community.  Responsiveness means that when you call or email, you will get a reply quickly.  When you share a concern, we will listen and do all that we can to meet the needs of each and every student that you have trusted with us for their education.  Our food service professionals have mapped routes to ensure our families have food.  Our technology leaders have ordered and will distribute Chromebooks to each student in addition to providing internet to all families that have a need.
Our instructional practices have shifted to adapt to remote learning.  Each student will have a schedule.  Lessons will be recorded so students and parents can watch them at later times if needed.  Our amazing teachers have participated in hours of professional development learning new skills so they can help each student learn in a remote environment.  Our administrators have created schedules to maximize class offerings and create opportunities for social-emotional check-ins.  The social-emotional check-in allows staff to connect personally with each student and gives each student the opportunity to share celebrations and needs that will help them be successful.  As a district, we will be shifting to focus on mastery learning.  The focus on mastery will ensure that each student understands the material presented, and if they do not understand, each student will be given help so that they can achieve.
We will evaluate our practices through the “lens” of equity.  Our schools will be a place of opportunity for each student.  This year, we will be creating new partnerships for new opportunities for each and every student.  Tikkum Farms internships, performance poetry, and the addition of College Credit Plus classes that will be offered at Mt. Healthy High School are a few opportunities that will be available to each student that has an interest.                                             
Supporting the many needs of our students takes all of us. I am proud to be a part of the Mt. Healthy CSD family where we know how to work and succeed as a team caring for the well-being of our students – both academic and social-emotional.  I'm proud of our staff; I'm proud of our parents; I’m proud of our students. You are making the best of a very difficult situation – thriving, learning, and growing together.
Valerie Hawkins
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