Coronavirus Updates

June 22, 2020

Mt. Healthy City School District plans to return to in-person learning this August, unless healthcare experts, the Ohio Department of Education, and/or Governor DeWine advise otherwise. The safety and well-being of our students and staff remain a top priority, thus we are working to create a restart plan that will guide us in welcoming students back to an “as close to normal as possible” classroom experience in August, while taking necessary precautionary measures to keep students safe. 


A robust, comprehensive online option will also be offered at each of our schools as an alternative to in-person learning for families who prefer their student(s) continue learning remotely. The Remote Learning will be aligned with researched-based online pedagogy to include video instruction, grading, and attendance. 


Given the uncertainty of what restrictions will be in place when school restarts in August, we are also designing contingency plan scenarios.  To assist us in our planning, we want to hear from our MTHCS families, whose children attend our schools, about their plans and comfort level regarding their child(ren) returning to school this fall, as well to gather feedback on contingency scenarios. Each scenario is focused on prioritizing health and safety, while also being responsive to the needs of our students and families.  The survey related to virtual learning and the return to school in August can be found on our district web page until 6/30/20.​


Dr. Valerie Hawkins

Superintendent, Mt. Healthy City Schools








April 21, 2020

Dear Mt. Healthy Parents and Students, 

As you may have already heard today, April 20, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine ordered that all of Ohio’s public, community, and private K-12 school buildings remain closed to students for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year due to the COVID-19 health crisis. All Mt. Healthy City School District buildings will be closed through the end of May, 2020. 

While the governor’s order to close school for the rest of the school year may present challenges to some of our families, please know that Mt. Healthy City School District administrators and teachers are working diligently to partner with you in continuing your child’s education and well-being. 

Remote Learning to Continue

Although our school buildings are to remain closed, remote learning will continue through the remainder of the school year. We will continue to adjust and administer our virtual learning plans and expectations, provide student services and resources to the best of our ability, and distribute breakfast and lunch pickups for our students on a weekly basis. Continue to visit often for updates and any changes. 


What about services to students with disabilities?

Our schools will continue making a good faith effort to provide services for all students. If a student with a disability cannot access the alternate delivery models being used by other students, then the Office of Student Services will consult with parents and/or caregivers to determine how to implement the student’s IEP and meet the needs of the student during the closure period. 

Staff Availability

During scheduled school days, our teachers will be available via email and/ or other methods to support our parents and students. Teachers and building principals will be sharing their remote learning plans and expectations with parents and students on an ongoing basis. For those students who do not have access to online learning, hard copies of assignments by grade level will be available.

Administrators and support staff will also be working remotely and available between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm on weekdays via email.

Board of Education Office Hours

Although some essential staff will be reporting, the Mt. Healthy City School District Board of Education office is closed to the public until further notice. Central Office staff are still available to assist parents via phone or email. We will update registration information for preschool and kindergarten parents this week. Leave a voicemail at 513-729-0077 and your call will be returned within 24 hours. Staff will be checking and responding to their email daily.

Meal Distribution

Mt. Healthy Food Service will continue preparing and distributing meals to students despite the building closure and will remain in place throughout the remainder of the school year. Staff will continue to comply with the most current health guidelines when distributing meals. 

After the school year ends, the district will continue to provide meals through our summer meal program. The distribution of these meals is dependent on the most current orders from the governor. We will keep our community updated on our food delivery model as we move forward.

Mental Health Support

Our social workers and counselors continue to reach out to families to ensure they have open lines of communication during the closure, and to make alternative plans if necessary. Additionally, counselors will be monitoring emails and reaching out to our school families in need. Please reach out to your school counselor or school social worker via email or voicemail if your child is in need. 

If a student or parent is in crisis, you can reach out to the following local hotlines for assistance: Hamilton County: Talbert House Crisis Hotline (513) 281-CARE (2273) or text Talbert to 839863. 

Kindergarten/Open Enrollment Registration for 2020-2021 

All registration for kindergarten and preschool in addition to other grades will take place online until further notice. Please check our website for details. If you have any questions about registration, please call 513-729-0077 and leave a message or email

Board Meetings

Boards of education are required by law to meet at least once every two months. Although school boards typically meet more regularly than this, school boards may legally cancel school board meetings and reduce the number of school board meetings to the statutory minimum. 

Our Board of Education plans to meet virtually and will hold its next meeting on May 18, 2020. The district will record this meeting and post the recording on our website. Minutes from the meeting will also be posted online. Due to the nature of this meeting, there will not be a public participation section. If you have any questions for the Board of Education, please email the Superintendent at

School Facilities/Grounds Remain Closed

Per the Governor’s orders and OHSAA, all school, playgrounds, and athletic facilities are closed and use of our facilities by outside groups has also been suspended until further notice.

Scheduled Spring/Summer Events

All athletics (per OHSAA guidance), field trips, overnight trips, performances, award programs, and parent-teacher conferences have been cancelled through the remainder of the school year. Our high school administrators are working on options to honor our seniors that meet the directives on large group gatherings.


Last week, Mr. Buchheim, Mt. Healthy High School Principal, sent a letter to parents explaining graduation requirements and the expectations for students during 4th quarter. If you did not receive a letter, please contact the Jr/Sr High School main office to inquire. Please know that Mt. Healthy administrators, teachers, counselors, and coaches have students’ best interest at heart and that we will work together to provide assistance and flexibility for the benefit of doing what is right for students.

We recognize the importance and tradition of our high school graduation ceremony. As of now, the current graduation date has been postponed, but we are looking at alternate dates for this summer. How we can hold a graduation ceremony for our seniors will be dependent on the governor’s orders for large public gatherings. We hope to find a unique way to celebrate the students' accomplishments.

If you have questions related to your child’s assignments, please email your child’s teacher or the building principal. 

We appreciate your support and know that we will continue to work together as a school community to navigate through these unprecedented times.

Yours in education, 

Dr. Reva Cosby

Superintendent, Mt. Healthy City School District




Dear Mt. Healthy Families; 

Since we will be apart for a while I wanted to let you know what our plans are to continue to educate your children. At this point, based on what Governor Dewine said yesterday, the next three weeks students are not to be in school buildings. To be sure our students continue to learn, we will be teaching our students remotely. Staff will be giving assignments and will be accessible to students online. We are in the process of solidifying this plan by continuing to discuss this with teachers and staff. We will update you on Monday with more information. Please continue to monitor our communication channels - OneCallNow, the district website, Abre, Google Classroom(JHHS), and Class Dojo (elementary students). 

The district is also developing a plan with our Food Service Department for serving meals to students. This will look different from our typical lunchtime because Governor DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health stated that we cannot have large groups of people gathered in our cafeterias. Therefore, it will likely be a pick-up or drop-off schedule with bagged breakfasts and lunches. We are still developing this plan and appreciate your patience.

We will keep you updated as we move forward and as we receive new information. Try to encourage your students to enjoy their time at home by having them do their assignments and also take time to do fun education-oriented activities. 

We will do the best we can to keep your children engaged and learning. We appreciate your support in making this happen.


Reva C. Cosby, Ph.D.


Mt. Healthy City School District


Estimadas familias de Mt. Healthy; 

Como no estaremos juntos por una etapa prolongada, queríamos informarles cuál es el plan para continuar la educación de sus hijos. Al momento, basado en lo que dijo el gobernador DeWine en su conferencia el doce de Marzo, las próximas tres semanas  los estudiantes no pueden estar presente en las escuelas. Para asegurarnos que nuestros estudiantes continúen su aprendizaje, estaremos ofreciendo clases a distancia. La facultad estará dando tareas, y manteniendo contacto electrónicamente. Estamos solidificando este plan mientras continuamos esta discusión con maestros y otra facultad. Tendremos más noticias el Lunes, Marzo 16. Continue visitando nuestros canales de comunicación electrónicos. - OneCallNow, el sitio de el distrito Abre, Google Classroom(Secundaria/Preparatoria), y Class Dojo (Escuelas Primarias).

El distrito está desarrollando un plan con nuestro departamento de Servicio de Comidas para servir comidas a nuestros estudiantes. Esto funcionara de manera diferente a nuestra hora de almuerzo porque el Gobernador DeWine y el Departamento de Salud del Estado han declarado que no podemos tener reuniones de grupos grandes en nuestras cafeterías. Por eso es más probable que será un servicio de recoger y llevar a casa, o un servicio de entrega con desayunos y almuerzos embolsados. Apreciamos su paciencia mientras continuamos a desarrollar y finalizar este plan. 

Como con todo lo demás, los mantendremos al tanto con noticias tan rápido como las recibamos. Por favor ayude a mantener los ánimos de sus estudiantes, que disfruten su tiempo en casa, y maximicen su tiempo trabajando en sus tareas. También sugerimos tomar tiempo para participar en actividades educacionales como visitas virtuales de museos. 

Haremos todo lo posible para involucrar a sus hijos en continuar a aprender. Agradecemos su apoyo en lograr esta meta. 


Reva C. Cosby, Ph.D.


Distrito Escolar de la ciudad de

Dear Mt. Healthy Families:  March 12, 2020

Governor DeWine announced today, Thursday, March 12, 2020 that all K-12 schools must close for three weeks beginning March 17th due to the Coronavirus.  Based on our current school calendar, no students will report to school on March 16th, and all staff will report as planned. We understand that this news may cause some inconvenience to our families, and we appreciate your cooperation as we comply with the requirement of Governor DeWine.  

Like many other districts, learning for students will continue. We will navigate this new situation using our website to communicate further information.  As more news is released, we will send updates using OneCallNow, Kickboard, Class Dojo, and our website. Please continue to monitor our channels of communication.  

  • Closure dates for all students:  March 17, 2020 - April 3, 2020
  • Staff report Monday, March 16 as planned.
  • Buildings affected:  Mt. Healthy Junior Senior High, North Elementary School, South Elementary School, Central Office
  • Please remember that offices are closed and staff will not be available to answer any questions during this time. 
  • Please use the above mentioned OneCallNow, Kickboard, Class Dojo and our website

All extracurricular activities and events are cancelled for the duration of the three weeks beginning Monday, March 16 through April 3. Continue to monitor the website for further information. 

While the closure of the schools for three weeks may cause great stress on our families, we appreciate your cooperation in this unexpected and difficult time. 

Thank you for your understanding, 

Dr. Reva Cosby


Mt. Healthy City School District

Estimadas Familias de Mt. Healthy

El Gobernador Dewine anunció hoy, el Jueves 12 de Marzo, 2020 que todas escuelas de grados Kinder-12 deben cancelar clases por tres semanas empezando Marzo 17 a cause de el Coronavirus.  Según nuestro calendario escolar, ningún estudiante atenderá clases el Marzo 16, pero toda facultad se presentará según el plan original. Entendemos que estas noticias podrían causar algunas inconveniencias para nuestras familias, y apreciamos su cooperacion mientras cumplimos con los requisitos de el Gobernador DeWine.

Como muchos otros distritos, aprendizaje continuará para nuestros estudiantes. Navegaremos esta situacion usando nuestra pagina para proveer informacion continua. En Cuanto tengamos más noticias, mandaremos las noticias de último minuto por las aplicaciones OneCallNow, Kickboard, Class Dojo y nuestra página.  Por favor sigan nuestros canales de comunicación. 

  • s Fechas de clausura para todos estudiantes:  Marzo 17, 2020 - Abril 3, 2020
  • Facultad se reporta  Lunes, Marzo 16 según el calendario.
  • Sitios afectados:  Secundaria/Preparatoria Mt. Healthy , Primaria Norte, Primaria Sur, Oficinas Centrales.
  • Recuerde que las oficinas estarán cerradas y todo personal no estará disponible para responder a preguntas durante este periodo.  r 
  • Por favor use las aplicaciones OneCallNow, Kickboard, Class Dojo y nuestro sitio para estar informado. 

Todas actividades extracurriculares y eventos estan cancelados por la duración de las tres semanas empezando Lunes, Marzo 15 hasta Abril 3. Continúe a seguir nuestros canales de información para información de última hora. 

La clausura de las escuelas por tres semanas causarán mucho estrés para nuestras familias, apreciamos su cooperación en esta situación difícil e inesperada. 

Gracias por su comprensión,

Dr. Reva Cosby


Distrito Escolar de la Ciudad de Mt. Healthy 

Updated 3/11/2020
Please find the below information helpful and continue to follow this page for more updates. 

Dear Mt. Healthy Families; 

The purpose of this letter is to inform you and ask your help as we plan for the possibility that Mt. Healthy City School District may need to close the buildings.  We have created a survey to gather some important information. Please follow the link below to complete the survey. 

Survey for Parents in English:

Survey for Parents in Spanish:

We also want to inform you of all the places where we will communicate this information. In the event the district must close due for precautionary measure, you will receive a OneCallNow phone call, text, and email to your pre-chosen number/email. The Announcements page on our district website,, will also reflect the information. In addition, we will update through Class Dojo and Kickboard as well as Abre and Google Classroom for students and staff. If you have changed your phone numbers recently, please contact your building secretaries to update your new information immediately. 

Most importantly, please follow the CDC’s and Hamilton County Public Health’s guidelines on protecting your children and preventing the spread of COVID19. We are attaching documents to remind of the ways you can protect your family.

Taking the following precautions:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds.  Be sure to set a good example by doing this yourself. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or by coughing into the inside of the elbow.  Throw used tissues away in the trash.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Germs spread this way.
  • Stay at least three feet away from people who are sick, and stay home from work or school if you are sick or have a fever.
  • Seek assistance from your doctor or a health professional if you see or experience symptoms that cause concern.

 The following web sites may also be helpful should you want additional information:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Hamilton County Department of Health Department:

Ohio Department of Health:

Please remember to complete the survey above. If you have further questions, please reach out to the building principals. We will continue to update you as information becomes available. 

Continue to stay healthy, 

Dr. Reva Cosby


Mt. Healthy City School District

Estimadas Familias de Mt. Healthy ; 

El propósito de esta carta es para informar y pedir su ayuda mientras hacemos planes para la posibilidad que sea necesario cerrar nuestras escuelas.  Hemos creado una encuesta para reunir información importante para ayudar a sus estudiantes. Por favor siga el enlace en Inglés o Español.

Encuesta para padres, En Ingles:

Encuesta para padres, En Español:

También queremos informarles todos los sitios donde comunicaremos esta información.  En el evento que el distrito necesite cerrar por medidas de precaución, recibirán un contacto por el servicio OneCallNow en forma de llamada, texto, y correo electrónico a un número que ustedes han elegido. La página de Announcements en nuestro sitio de distrito, también reflejará esta información. Adicionalmente actualizaremos por las aplicaciones Class Dojo y Kickboard Y también Abre y Google Classroom para estudiantes y facultad. Si ha cambiado su numero de teléfono desde haber empezado el año escolar, por favor llamen a la escuela para poder tener su información más corriente. 

Lo más importante al momento, es seguir las guías de el Centro De Control de Enfermedades (CDC) y De La Oficina de Salud Pública de el Condado Hamilton para proteger sus hijos y prevenir el contagio de COVID19. Estamos incluyendo documentos para informarles cómo pueden proteger a su familia. 

Tomen las precauciones siguientes:

  • Laven sus manos frecuentemente con jabón y agua por 20 segundos. Sean un buen ejemplo y haganlo ustedes tambien. Si jabón y agua no son disponibles , desinfectante de manos puede ser usado.
  • Cúbrase la boca con pañuelos cuando tosa o estornude, también puede usar sus codos para cubrirse la boca. Tire los pañuelos a la basura.
  • Evite tocar sus ojos, nariz, y boca. Asi se pasan los microbios. 
  • Manténgase por lo minimo 3 pies (1 metro) de gente que esté enferma. No vaya al trabajo si tiene síntomas de gripe.
  • Busque consejo de doctor o otros profesionales médicos si ve o experiencia sintomas que les preocupen. 

Si quiere información adicional, estos sitios serán utiles. 

Centro para Control de Enfermedad (CDC):

 Departamento de Salud de el Condado de Hamilton

Departamento de Salud de el Estado de Ohio:

Por favor tome la encuesta al principio de la carta. Si tiene preguntas, hablen con los directores de la escuela.  Hay personas en los edificios que pueden hablar Español. Seguiremos con información en cuanto la recibamos

Continuen siendo Saludables, 

Dr. Reva Cosby


Distrito de Escuelas de la Ciudad de Mt. Healthy