Ohio Revised Code 3313.666 defines harassment, intimidation, or bullying as any intentional written, electronic, verbal, or physical act that a student has exhibited toward another particular student more than once and the behavior both:


o Causes mental or physical harm to the other student;

o Is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the other student;

o Violence within a dating relationship.


Preventing bullying is a top priority of Mt. Healthy CSD. Students, parents, and teachers are able to report instances of possible bullying at any time. We encourage contacting a building administrator directly at the child's campus to report an incident.  


Building Administrator Contacts:

North Elementary- Felecia Dorsey, fdorsey@mthcs.org

South Elementary- Yzvetta Macon, ymacon@mthcs.org

Junior High School/High School/Achieve- Thomas Hill, thill@mthcs.org

Preschool- Cori Stevens, cstevens@mthcs.org


Other ways to report an incident of bullying:

You may report incidences through the following website:  Bullying Reporting Online
You may also call:  1-866-547-8362