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Our Board meetings are recorded by ICRC.  
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What does the School Board do?

School Board members are elected by the public.
The Board has several important jobs:


The School Board hires the district superintendent. When there is a superintendent vacancy, the Board conducts a search for qualified candidates, conducts interviews, checks references, selects the new superintendent, and negotiates the new contract. 


The School Board hires the district treasurer in the same way.


The Board is responsible for evaluating both the superintendent and treasurer on a regular basis.


The Board helps establish parameters for union contract agreements and approves contracts by vote.


The Board passes policies for the district. These include those mandated by state and federal authorities and those specifically tailored for our district.  The Board does not necessarily create such policies; often the superintendent or other administrators will work out the details before presenting the policy to the Board for an official vote.  The Board may, however, request policies on particular matters, and may work with the administration to craft them.


The Board is a link between the public and the school district.


What does the School Board NOT do?


The Board does not engage in the hiring process for any district employees other than the superintendent and treasurer, although members do vote on approving new hires, non-renewals, and retirements. Board members have no authority to offer individuals employment with the district or to fire current employees.


The Board and its members do not manage the specific daily operations of the district. Once the Board has hired a superintendent, it is the superintendent’s job to make leadership decisions and delegate specific roles and responsibilities within the district.


The Board does not manage the daily finances of the district. This is the role of the district treasurer.

Members of the Mt. Healthy Board of Education meet monthly, usually on the third Monday.  To see the meeting schedule, click here.  
Members, who are elected to four-year terms, are:

Dr. Julie Turner

Carole Ellis
Vice President

Kimberly Bouldin Bryant
Board Member

Kenneth Glenn
Board Member

Emmett Kilgore
Board Member