Superintendent's Message

Hello Mt. Healthy!

This school year is moving right along in a positive manner. We have many exciting activities and opportunities for our staff and students this school year. I am sure you noticed our redesigned website. We are constantly working to keep you up to date with what is going on in our schools, and we see this newly designed website as a window into our district. I hope you enjoy visiting and viewing the features and pictures.


We are in our second year of implementation of our Education Destination Strategic Plan. On the website there are videos that detail what we are doing for our three objectives. Beginning with Objective 1 which focuses on instructional practices, you will see how the new curriculums, in our elementary and secondary classrooms, are increasing the academic growth of our students. We have also increased our student’s access to technology by providing more computers to all of our buildings. We are continuing our focus on Pre-K-2 success. Our Pre-K program is striving to achieve the 5 Star designation through Step Up To Quality. The goal is to help our students be prepared to start Kindergarten when they turn five. We are researching the benefits of expanding our Preschool opportunities for the students of Mt. Healthy due to the importance of student success in Kindergarten and its impact on future educational success. If you have a student ages 3 or 4 sign up to be on our Pre-school waiting list. .


There is information on the website on Objective 2 which is our Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS) program. To support these goals each building developed their moto for the school, North and South’s are:  I am safe, I am kind, I am responsible. The Jr/Sr High School is using character building skills to better equip students with the tools for success. These new programs will help with the Social and Emotional learning for our students as we want a safe learning environment for our students.


In addition, I will be sharing some of the many exciting activities that the Reducing Barrier to Success committee, also known as Objective 3, is making happen such as our wonderful food bank.  We have 5 subcommittees that always need volunteers to get our work accomplished. The subcommittees are 1-Basic Needs, 2-Parent Engagement, 3-Career Exploration and the Arts, 4-Tutoring and Mentorship and 5-Communication and Business Engagement. Please join us and participate in an area that is of interest to you.


As your Superintendent I look forward to working with your students and helping to make their school experience exceptional because that is what they deserve. It takes the staff, families and the community to help our students achieve their goals. We can do it. We are Mt. Healthy!


We Are Mt. Healthy! 
Dr. Reva C. Cosby, 
Superintendent of Mt. Healthy City Schools
Please contact LaVonda Corner in the Superintendent's Office to set an appointment to speak to Dr. Cosby.