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Returning Student Update ONLY

Mt. Healthy City Schools implemented a new online registration system for returning students, and we need your help! We are asking our families of returning students to input/update student information via a secure online portal called Registration Gateway. We hope that this online system will streamline our communication and reduce the amount of paperwork you need to complete.
You will need the following items for the username and password:
usernameyour child's student ID number (the same number used for lunch and also can be found on child's report card)
password: your child's birth date (use month/date/full year with slashes - ex. 4/15/2002)
Here is the link to the online update


Please update all Guardian, Emergency Medical, Health History and Addresses in the system (Please note you will be asked for a copy of Proof of Residence when updating an address). Please mark “No Changes” in areas where no update needs to be made.

**You will log-in to each child individually and only update the information that has changed. If nothing has changed, you may submit the information at the end. Please be sure to check ALL addresses, phone numbers, contacts for parents and guardians carefully. 
If you have questions, please contact the Enrollment Office at 513-729-0077 or your child's school. All personnel are instructed to only provide you with the directions on how to access the information. They will not be able to provide personal information without proper identification. For address changes, you MUST bring proof of current address to the Board office for verification.