Mt. Healthy City Schools Removed From Academic Distress-At-Risk Status

Over the last year Mt. Healthy City Schools has been participating in a District Review with Ohio Department of Education’s Center for Accountability and Continuous Improvement (CACI). The Center addresses issues related to the state’s accountability system and the alignment of resources, strategies, and programs that support the unique needs of urban and rural schools and districts and other vulnerable populations of students. During the course of this review, CACI made 18 recommendations for improvement in six areas for Mt. Healthy City Schools. According to a pre-review the district was at risk for an Academic Distress rating and the possibility of a state takeover in academics.

These 18 recommendations have been addressed through the goals of Education Destination, the district’s 5-year strategic plan. The work is being accomplished through the collaboration of District Leadership Team, Building Leadership Teams, Teacher Based Teams, and our state support team. The Crosswalk to ODE Recommendations and OIP (Ohio Improvement Process), which was presented at the March 19th Board of Education meeting, can be found on the district’s web site under About MTHCS and District Overview.

At the March 19th Board of Education meeting Dr. Clairie Huff-Franklin from CACI explained that during a “re-evaluation of all the scores around the state, [Mt. Healthy Schools] you are no longer in that predicament” of being at risk for Academic Distress. This conclusion is based upon the efforts of the district teams for improvement, last year’s scores of continuous growth, implementation of new instructional strategies, a more closely aligned curriculum with the state, the implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports for teachers and students, and a targeted literacy program designed to assist and encourage the reading abilities for all students. “Our district has made this progress thanks to the dedication and hard work of our administrative team, teachers and staff,” said Dr. Reva Cosby, Superintendent. “We are working towards a common goal which is to help our students achieve their goals.”