Mt. Healthy City Schools Celebrate Black History Month with Talent and Expression

All of the Mt. Healthy City Schools celebrated Black History Month differently with shows, presentations, and even a poetry café. Students and staff at South Elementary School highlighted strong Black roles models in fields of entrepreneurship, education, entertainment, invention, athletics, scientific research, public office, as well as those who fought for equality with race, pay, and basic rights. Students performed through music, dance, and poetry recitation. Ms. Harris Reed, a long-time staple at South Elementary School, gave a very moving performance of Harriet Tubman and her role with the Underground Railroad including singing a couple African American folk songs. Ms. Harris Reed additionally worked with many of the 6th graders to perform traditional African American songs.

Achieve Students celebrated with the 3rd Annual Café Flow where they read and quoted poetry and verses from well-known Black poets and song-writers. They also welcomed three special guests, Mina Bolser, Rashaun Perry, and Vincent Stroud. Each of the esteemed guests performed to music of Black musicians to honor their contribution to American society.

At the Jr/Sr High School, students celebrated by singing, dancing, and performing to music of renowned Black artists such as Louis Armstrong, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Isley Brothers, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and many more. Between each act the show’s MCs shared information about the upcoming artist and his/her or their contribution to American music world-wide.

North Elementary School students learned about Harriet Tubman through Ms. Harris Reed’s special performance of this famous woman and her role in the Underground Railroad.

  “As we are educating the whole child, it is incredibly important that our students appreciate their cultural heritage,” Dr. Reva Cosby, Superintendent, explains, “By doing this they gain a better understanding of themselves and ultimately a more well-rounded education.”

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