High School Bussing Reinstated at Mt. Healthy City School District

Mt. Healthy City School District announces that bussing for high school students returns to the district on Monday, March 22. Students will have access through the rest of this school year as well as next school year. “Access to transportation removes an obstacle that some students have faced.  We are thrilled that through grant funding we can fulfill a basic need for our students to get to and from school consistently.” Dr. Valerie Hawkins stated, Mt. Healthy City School District Superintendent. “Bus service will improve access to school, and help improve student attendance. High school students and parents often share that the students are absent because they have no way to get to school.  From some parts of the district, it is a 3 or 4 mile walk to the high school, on busy streets with no sidewalks,” explained Mark Walden, coordinator for Truancy/Foster Care.  Until now, the district has been without bussing for high school students for over 15 years. The return supports the district’s objective in meeting students’ basic needs and supporting their continued growth in learning. 


Bus passes and letters to families will distribute this week, and families should receive them by the weekend. If you do not receive a bus pass by Monday, please call the High School office at 513-729-0130. 


Additionally, bussing for South Elementary students was increased to ensure that young students didn’t have to cross Hamilton Avenue needlessly. The mileage for South students decreased from one mile to half a mile to keep students safer.