Mt. Healthy City School District Honors Intervention Specialist as Teacher of the Year

It takes a special person to become a teacher. It takes an exceptional individual to work with children with special needs; Edward Delair is one of the latter. As an Intervention Specialist for the juniors and seniors, he provides a calm and safe space for students to learn as well as work through their misunderstandings and challenging situations.  He creates opportunities for students  to do what they love, cooking, while also teaching them teamwork and other essential skills for their future. Last school year, Delair’s students received special permission to sell breakfast sandwiches that they had made to staff on Fridays to raise funds for a special end of year celebration. The breakfasts became a much anticipated weekly event. 

Additionally, Delair assists students in finding the right fit for them following high school in addition to providing them the essential life skills they will need. Some attend a trade school, while others may attend college or even the military. He works closely with parents and students who plan to attend college making sure the transition between high school and college is seamless. He connects them with many of the people they will need to make their college experience successful. Last year, a former student of Delair’s returned from graduating from the Job Corps Chef Program to teach the current students about cooking and share his experiences about Job Corps. He has often spent his own time coaching students to take the ACT, the military test, or the driving tests. He aided students in registering to vote and walked them through the process of voting. Delair works exceptionally hard to assure that Mt. Healthy High School students from his program are prepared for the world before them when they graduate.  “Mr. Delair exhibits genuine care and concern for the students. He always has their best interest at heart and always tries to be fair across the board,” stated Ms. Grant, a paraprofessional who works in the classroom with him daily. Mt. Healthy High School Principal Ms. Arnez Gray explained, “Mr. Delair is an incredible influence in the lives of our high school students through his compassion, his respect for each of them as an individual, and his professionalism in his position.”

Edward Delair deserves an Owl applause for his dedication, support, and care for his students of Mt. Healthy City School District.