Mt. Healthy High School Students Gain STEM Experience Over the Summer at Light System Industry, Inc

Mt. Healthy High School students began working this summer at LSI, Light System Industry Inc, in Blue Ash. The opportunity to gain real-world industry experience developed as the brain-child of two Mt. Healthy City School District alumni, Robin McGinnis and Chris Winters, who have led the charge in this effort to create more STEM-related opportunities for current students. “We see this as a teaching moment to connect STEM in the classroom and in the real-world as companies use more robotics on the production lines,” stated Robin McGinnis, Mt. Healthy City School District STEM Lead.

The summer job-project granted about 30 Mt. Healthy High School students the opportunity to work on a production line assembling LED light fixtures. Students were spread throughout the factory and worked the lines. Then, the finished products were quality-tested in order to have them boxed and shipped to consumers. Students working the line had to reach a quota per hour and received incentives when they did. An increased demand for LSI’s products led the company’s need for more employees; the students helped increase the supply to allow all orders to be met by October.

Several students who have gone to college will be back to work at LSI over their school breaks. In addition, LSI and Mt. Healthy City Schools are working on a plan that would allow current junior and senior students to continuing working during the school year to make them college and career ready. The program is for students over the age of 16 years. “I am extremely pleased with this opportunity for our students that may lead to future opportunities”, said Dr. Reva Cosby, Superintendent of Mt. Healthy City Schools, she also expressed enthusiasm for a continued partnership with LSI.