Mt. Healthy City Schools Hosts Science Extravaganza

Kids love science and doing experiments with fun outcomes. On Tuesday, April 30, over 48 families attended Mt. Healthy City Schools’ first Science Extravaganza Night. During this event student were able to visit over 20 stations doing experiments and creating new items. There were a number of Mt. Healthy classroom teachers and staff that ran the stations and even brought their own children. Some of the activities included Waller Coasters, Tower Structures, Color Wheel, Meal Worms Lab Book, Density Lava Bottles, Snap Circuits, Dash and Dot Robots, Catapults, 3D Printing, and many others. Furthermore, they also held competitions with several of the activities to see who could build the strongest, highest, longest reaching, or fastest acting structures or items within each station. Kids loved making lava bottles, 3D printing, the Dot and Dash Robots the most.

This was a fantastic event for Mt. Healthy City Schools. Stay tuned for more STEM-related events in the next school-year.

Please check out the video from the event in the video in the Photos and Videos section of the website or the front page of the website: