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Current News for Parents

 Welcome Parents!

Please read the letter below from Sara Gehring, Director of Student Services.


Mount Healthy City School District

Office of Student Services

Date of Notice: November 16, 2017

Notice to Parents/Guardians of Mount Healthy Elementary Students:

We would like to make you aware that your child may have been exposed to head lice recently at school.  We have taken many measures to ensure the likelihood of passing of lice was diminished as soon as we were made aware. Outbreaks of head lice are common throughout the school year.  Although head lice are a bother, head lice are not a health risk.  We ask that you please examine your child’s hair and scalp for evidence of live lice, lice eggs, or nits (egg casings left behind after lice have been hatched).  If lice or nits are present, they are usually found close to the scalp.  Children with head lice should be treated as soon as possible to minimize the spread to other individuals.  Children with head lice cannot attend school until is treated and remedied.   If one person in the household is found to have lice, everyone in the household should be checked.  Treatment of lice must be done in conjunction with cleaning, or a re-infestation is likely.  Treating for head lice without cleaning all living environments is leaving your child open for re-infestation.


For your information:

  • Lice are small, grayish-white, wingless bugs, about the size of a sesame seed.  They can have a reddish-brown appearance if engorged with blood.
  • Lice cannot jump or hop and they do not have wings.
  • Lice are easily spread through head-to-head contact.
  • Lice can be passed by sharing head coverings, such as helmets, hats and hair accessories.


Tips for home treatment:

  • Vacuum furniture, chairs, couches, mattresses and carpeting in your house
  • Vacuum your car’s seats and floor mats
  • Wash car seats, sheets and blankets in HOT water and dry on hot heat for at least 20 minutes.
  • Items that cannot be washed (like stuffed toys) put items in dark garbage bag, close the bag (with a twist tie or tie in a knot) for two weeks.
  • Soak combs and brushes in hot (not boiling) water for twenty minutes.
  • Wash all clothing, hats, coats, etc. that the child has worn in the last three days.
  • For children travelling between parents and guardians, share this information with everyone involved.


If you find head lice on your child, please notify your child’s school clinic immediately and others with whom your child may have had direct head to head contact.  You may also wish to consult with your physician or the local health department for treatment options. Please let us know if you have any further questions!  


Thank you for helping keep our kids and schools healthy!

Sara L. Gehring

Executive Director of Student Services

Mt.  Healthy City School District