Superintendent's Message

OCT 2016
My office doors will be open from 4 to 6 pm on the 4th Monday of each month to meet with Mt. Healthy parents and staff.  You can come talk about your concerns, your successes or just to 'shoot the breeze'.  I will meet with people in 15 min. time periods.  Of course, if this time does not work for you, please feel free to set an appointment.

 August 2016

 Hello Mt. Healthy Owls!

Welcome back to a new school year. I hope you had a relaxing summer, and you are ready to be successful students! Parents, this is an exciting year as we prepare to begin implementation of our strategic plan. The theme is “Mt. Healthy an Education Destination”. You can read more about it in our school calendar which each family will be receiving. The purpose of this plan is to continuously improve our teaching and student’s learning.

I want to share with you a few changes in our administrative staff. Mark Walden will be the principal at South Elementary School. Lisa Pugh will be his Assistant Principal, a position held last year by Jana Wolfe who is now a coordinator in our Teaching and Learning Department. Thomas Maxwell is the Dean at South. North has the same administrative staff, Felicia Dorsey is the principal, Kendra Schappacher is the assistant principal, and Michael Lindsey is the Dean.

At the Jr./Sr. High School, Milton Folson is the head principal, Cash Hayden is the Associate Principal, the Assistant Principals are Elizabeth Lucas and Matt Morris. Joe Sumpter is joined by Arvie Crouch as the Deans.

Our commitment to consistency in our two major programs in the District continues with FIP (Formative Instructional Practices) and Safe and Civil our positive behavior program. Some changes for this year are that the Jr. High will start school at the same time as the High School and they will have a class period to offer academic and behavioral interventions as well as enrichment opportunities to all students.

With all of us working together, we will make this district a destination point for students.  This will be a place where students will know they are loved, and where they will be prepared and educated for their future.  I look forward to your support of these efforts.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months!

I am Mt. Healthy.

You are Mt. Healthy.

We are Mt. Healthy!


Dr. Cosby